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Our Learning Skills Advisors are self-confessed lifelong learners, who understand the challenges of studying remotely and love to share their tips and techniques for academic success.

Meet Oumi

Oumi completed her degree at the University of Leicester and is currently studying a Bachelor of Teaching at CSU. Passionate about the arts and film, Oumi is here to help you succeed in online learning. Oumi is available Thursdays and by appointment.

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Oumi is available Thursday's at the Griffith Centre or by appointment. You can book via the Calendly link above or text 0419 540 956.


Learn more about what, why, when and how to reference.

Essay Writing

Essay writing from start to finish! Draft, and polish your essays.

Answering Assignment Questions

Break down the question and learn to reflect on your writing.

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This free service is designed to support you through your studies. Everyone from students who are brand new to studies, to more experienced students are welcome to book a study session for any question small or large.