CUCWR COVID-19 Updates

May 2020:

For CUC Western Riverina to open and be accessible by students we must adhere to the following restrictions.

Please Note: These conditions of entry will apply until further notice.

CUC Western Riverina will:

  • Sanitise / disinfect the Centre daily
  • Provide access to hand sanitiser as well as sanitising wipes
  • Provide signage to indicate appropriate hygiene and social distancing requirements
  • Remove access to communal foods, crockery and cutlery

Students will:

  • Adhere to social distancing restrictions around student numbers in CUCWR
  • Wash their hands regularly and adhere to appropriate hygiene practices

CUCWR also encourages students to download the app as the organisation is concerned that we make every effort to ensure the for the ongoing health and well being of all who access the centre.

These restrictions have been put in place by the Country Universities Centre Western Riverina Board of Directors to protect both its students and staff. If a student fails to adhere to these restrictions their access to the Centre will be immediately revoked and a meeting set for the student and Centre Manager to discuss reinstatement. Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact the CUCWR Centre Manager here.