5 benefits of staying regional for university students

24 Jun 2021

We have talked about the challenges faced by rural, regional and remote students – but what about the benefits of studying regionally? There are a lot of reasons for students to stay local, and we explore them below.  


Support network 

 When students stay in their hometowns, they stay close with their support network. Your friends and family contribute to your quality of life and overall happiness. If you are happy where you are, and you can still access higher education, there is a big benefit to staying close to those who mean most to you. Especially when life’s unexpected challenges come your way, it helps to have the right people around you!  


Country lifestyle

Sure, things move a little slower in the country – but that is part of the charm. You aren’t in the hustle and bustle or struggling to find a park. We still have a lot of the things that contribute to a thriving lifestyle. There is less stress and you can find good coffee! 

A life of adventure 

No doubt when you travel around our amazing area you can find amazing trails and places to adventure! You might often find you take this for granted, which is easy to do when you have been somewhere your whole life. But getting out and exploring nature is one of life’s true pleasures! There is nothing like a bit of fresh air. 

Your community 

Strong social bonds from your community have an enormous impact on you. From church, to sporting teams and the places you love to eat! Your community, while it may be small, is tight knit and you know and care for one another.  


Country Uni Centre’s 

Dare we say it? But having a study Centre near you means that accessing higher education is so much easier than it has been previously. Your Centre has everything you need – modern technology, fast internet, space to study and those all-important student networks!  


The Country Universities Centre network allows students to connect with like-minded people and positively support one another throughout their academic journey. Each Centre across the network is unique and brings local learners together to improve the experience of all students. 

While regional Australia faces many challenges, we are working to bridge the gaps. If you are a regional student and want to know more about how we can help you, contact your local Centre Manager. 


Want to register with your local CUC?   

Registering with your local CUC is free and provides you with a quiet, dedicated space to study.  

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