Boots to Scrubs

02 Feb 2024 An initiative aimed to inspire, empower, and support rural women to pursue a career as a doctor.

Written by Georgia Goodhew | CSU | Doctor of Medicine Student

The Boots to Scrubs Campaign with its associated “Boots to Scrubs: Rural Women in Medicine Scholarship” aims to inspire, empower and support rural women to pursue a career as a rural doctor. Now located in Griffith NSW, Georgia Goodhew is dedicated to making the pathway easier for rural women, while also addressing the rural doctor shortage that Australia is currently facing.

Amid the journey of my medical pursuits, I found myself at a significant crossroads. My name is Georgia Goodhew, and I was born and raised in the cosy country town of Narrabri, NSW. Growing up here gave me a bitter taste of what it’s like to have limited access to mentors and female medical role models. It hits home for me – the challenges and lack of information surrounding how to enter the medical field, and what life in it actually looks like.

It was during my final years of study at Narrabri High School that I encountered two exceptional doctors who would forever change the course of my life. Driven by their unyielding belief in me, and their willingness to let me shadow them in their practice and hospital clinics in Sydney, the confidence and determination I needed to embrace the path towards medicine was born. I truly believe that these encounters were catalysts that set the stage for a transformative initiative: Boots to Scrubs. In light of the profound impact these doctors had on my personal journey, I was driven to create a platform that empowers women from the country wanting to enter the field of medicine too.

There was never anyone above me to provide the support or guidance I needed to consider a career as a female doctor. These realisations, paired with the all too similar story by Chloe Campbell, a peer and great friend of mine, laid the foundation for this amazing initiative. We are dedicated to making the pathway easier for rural women, while also addressing the rural doctor shortage that we are all currently facing.

Our initiative encompasses a multifaceted approach. At the core this initiative is a nationwide campaign designed to reach rural women through various channels like schools, universities, and hospital networks. Through a well-crafted media campaign and impactful press releases, we are spreading awareness about the exciting possibilities in medicine. Our “Boots to Scrubs” website and social media accounts serve as valuable resources, offering insights into the GAMSAT/UCAT exams and diverse university pathways. The ultimate goal is to ease the often-intimidating application process, and act as that catalyst for aspiring female rural doctors.


Boots to Scrubs doesn’t just stop there… Our SCHOLARSHIP is Here!!! 

Designed exclusively for female medical students kicking off their medical studies in 2024, our scholarship is all about celebrating and nurturing the power of women in the medical field and the incredible impact they can make on healthcare outcomes. By offering financial support to talented ladies from rural areas, we’re on a mission to level the playing field and create equal opportunities for future female doctors. 

Details at a Glance: 

Amount: $7,500 lump sum payment 

Application window: March 1st – March 31st (closing at midnight). 

Documents to have ready prior to applying: 

  • Resume
  • 500-word personal essay
  • 300-word financial need statement
  • Proof of rural/remote status
  • Proof of enrollment at university
  • Financial needs supporting documentation (optional but handy!)

We strongly encourage all eligible first-year female medical students to apply when the application window opens. Your journey to becoming a doctor is important, and we hope this can help in some way


A little more encouragement: 

Don’t be discouraged if you are unsuccessful with the scholarships. Runners up will be offered their very own mentor for 2024! Each and every mentor has been hand picked, having spent many years working and living in rural Australia. These mentors are dedicated to making the transition into medical school as smooth as it possibly can be and we think you’re really going to connect with them. 

As a current fourth year medical student who struggled to navigate my way through the daunting medicine application process, this project is something I hold dear to my heart. My journey, shaped by the belief and guidance of those doctors, has led me to this point. 

Boots to scrubs is more than an initiative; it’s a nationwide movement that strives to empower, uplift, and reshape the scene of medicine for rural women.

To apply for this scholarship, interested candidates can visit our website: or follow us on social media where we share regular updates and reminders !!! 

Good luck everyone 

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